The Springfield Bloggers Association is a loosely organized group of bloggers in Springfield, Missouri. Well, we were loosely organized until we gave the reigns to Sarah Austin, and then she sorta went crazy and created SGFblogs.com, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Not to mention what she did to the Blogaronis!

We are open to all bloggers in the greater Springfield area, regardless of politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender. In fact, we like diversity in our little group. Makes for some lively discussions at our meet-ups.

Speaking of meet-ups, we get together about once a month at the Farmer’s Gastropub for dinner and drinks. We rarely have any official business to take care of, so we shoot the breeze until the Guiness runs out.

Once a year, we hand out awards to our fellow bloggers. The Blogaronis are sorta like our Oscars. Only our members nominate and vote for the best blogs in Springfield. Whether or not you’re nominated, you should join us — you never know what might happen or what one of our emcees might say!

And really that’s what you need to know about us.


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