2011 Blogaronis Scheduled for May 9

April 13, 2011 Comments Off

Join us on Monday, May 9, for the 2011 Blogaronis.

Rather than formally nominating and voting as we have in years past, we will spend the evening celebrating blogging in 417-land with dinner, drinks, and Dundie-style awards. Translation: everyone who RSVPs will receive a Blogaroni!

Here’s how it works:

  1. RSVP using Eventbrite.
  2. Wait patiently to receive your Blogaroni assignment. This 2-3 weeks might be a good opportunity to decide what to wear to our blue-jeans-and-flip-flops event. Assignments will be issued 1-2 weeks before the event.
  3. Check your email for your Blogaroni assignment.
  4. Scour your assignment’s blog, Twitter account, and other online properties. A Google search might be appropriate.
  5. Identify 3-4 unique qualities about your assignment.
  6. Choose one unique quality and create a Blogaroni category for it.
  7. Make or buy a “trophy” for your Blogaroni category for less than $5. Be creative and have fun with it.
  8. Bring yourself and your trophy to the Blogaronis on May 9. Be prepared to issue a short speech about your category. Also be prepared to give an acceptance speech for the category you will win.

Please plan to attend!

Register for 2011 Blogaronis by the Springfield Bloggers Association in Springfield, MO  on Eventbrite

April Meetup Recap

April 11, 2011 Comments Off

We had quite the meetup tonight at the Farmer’s Gastropub. If you weren’t able to make it, we missed you! Here’s a recap of our night:


Topics of Discussion (in no particular order)

  • We rescheduled the Blogaronis for Monday, May 9, at the Gastropub. Rather than formally nominating and voting as we have in years past, we are switching our annual awards up a bit. Think Dundie style. Essentially, we’re asking everyone to RSVP for the event. Those who RSVP will be assigned another attending blogger to create an award category for and provide some sort of trophy or prize. We’ll post the details for RSVPing in another post.
  • We talked a bit about monetizing our blogs and whether anyone has had any success making money from their blogs. The consensus is that no one is living off the money their blogs bring in, but we tossed out several resources for those of us wanting to lose our day jobs.
    • TentBlogger.com – A blog about making a living from blogging and how to transition into full-time, professional blogging
    • Johnson & Johnson video blogging – Pamela mentioned that JNJhealth is looking for video bloggers and paying $100 for video (Pamela, if you have the link to how to submit a video blog, can you add it to this post’s comments?)
    • BlogDash.com – a website that connects bloggers (for free) to agencies and businesses¬†for press coverage, partnerships, writing opportunities, advertising, or anything else.
    • Kickstarter.com – a website for funding creative projects
  • If you’re wanting to get into the world of video blogging and want to use your iPhone 4, CK recommended the Glif, a handy-dandy tripod / stand / handle for doing a whole lot of stuff with your phone — including making a video or two.
  • Pamela and Brian told us about their experience at SXSW last month. Brian has a First-Timer’s Survival Guide on his blog. Pamela had all kinds of tips for attending on a budget; we’re trying to coax a blog series out of her for the inside scoop. SXSW 2012 is next March 9-18. Anyone wanna go?

Those are the highlights. There were some colorful lowlights that we shall not mention; you’ll have to come to the Blogaronis next month to get the full Springfield Bloggers Association experience!!


Words of Note for Thursday, April 7

April 7, 2011 Comments Off

A few words of note this beautiful Thursday:

  • The 2011 Blogaronis — originally scheduled for this Monday, April 11 — have been postponed. Instead, we’re having a business-as-usual meet-up at the Farmer’s Gastropub. Join us around 7; if it’s nice, we’ll likely be on the patio. We’ll also have more information about the Blogaronis.
  • Several 417 bloggers are heading to WordCamp Kansas City on June 11 -12. Registration is $50, and whether you’re a designer, programmer, or writer this mini-conference is a great opportunity to learn more about WordPress.There is also talk of hosting a WordCamp in Springfield later this fall, so if you are interested in helping host the Springfield event, attending the KC event might be helpful.
  • A Missouri Blogger Meet-up is scheduled for June 18 – 19 and is here in Springfield. Looks like there will be activities all day Saturday and Sunday. Anyone is welcome to attend.

And that’s about all for today. Hope to see you on Monday! — sja

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