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June 22, 2010 Comments Off

We overhauled the Submit Your Blog page yesterday with a new form! The new form allows you, our bloggers, to submit or update your blog’s information, create an I’m a Blogger profile, and sign up for our newsletters all in one place. With all of this information in one place, we’ll be better able to communicate with you about the Blogaronis, upcoming meetups, and Springfield Bloggers Association news.

Previously, we used Google Docs and email to collect all of this information from you, but we now have multiple people helping with the Springfield Bloggers Association, and we need to keep the info all in one place. Likewise, there are certain legalities we have to stick to when it comes to sending emails, and this new system will help keep everything on the up-and-up. We’re asking each blogger to resubmit their blog’s information; many of you submitted your blogs a long time ago, so you probably need to update your info anyway. If you have more than one blog to submit, ideally, you should have a separate email address for each blog; that would keep everything the tidiest.

One of our new features is meetup reminders from Nigel Holderby. When you sign up to receive meetup reminders, you’ll receive periodic emails with information about our upcoming meetups. We’re also gauging interest in a monthly newsletter; if you are interested in possibly receiving an email with updates about the Springfield Bloggers Association, please check the box indicating so, and we might get that puppy rolling. In addition, if you are a blogroll member, you’ll receive nominating and voting information about the Blogaronis via email when that time rolls around each year.

Thanks everyone for helping us with this spring, er, summer cleaning. We really appreciate it!

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